Well, I’m supremely happy to say that the National Readers’ Choice Awards ceremony is done, baby!  While I absolutely adore putting this gig together, I always breathe a huge sigh of relief when it’s over and I haven’t monumentally screwed something up.  Next year I get to be my sitting President’s “advisor” as she takes over the NRCA and I get to write for a whole year with no chapter responsibilities, except just being a smiling member.  It was SOOOO cool to see our winners and their agents and editors totally jazzed to receive the award…it makes the long hours completely worth it to have someone jumping up and down because they were recognized by readers as being the cream of the crop.

When it comes to today’s AGM, I bailed…I already knew the outcome, but I was surprised to hear that there was an ongoing discussion about the absence of an Erotic Romance category in the Golden Heart and RITA contests.  Personally, I’m all for having that category.  Yes, because I write it, but also because it’s such a huge portion of today’s market.  I fail to understand how we can recognize Inspirational and not Erotic Romance.  As the coordinator for the NRCA, I can tell you that there were a *lot* more entries for ER over Inspys, as well as readers who were looking to read in those categories.  Understand, I’m NOT dissing Inspys…they have a really good market share and deserve their own cata, but so does ER.  But…it is what it is, and unless we make our voices heard, both as writers and readers, it will remain as such.

Right now I’m enjoying a much-needed glass of wine and a cigar before I join my friends down in the bar.  Oh, and I changed out of my painful high heels and girdle-enabled dress and am now quite comfy in shorts and a T-shirt…my *definite* choice in after-hours wear.

I’ll post again when I have something fun to report, or tomorrow mid-morning, whichever comes first!