Hey all!!  Had a GREAT day, but was running pretty much non-stop so didn’t have time to blog until now… 

Let’s see…I got bunches of free books, some for me and some for the chicadees at work and my next door neighbor Lucy (who’s eighty-something and LOOOOVES the spicy stuff *g*).  I also met with Virgin Books.  I was planning on pitching View to a Kill to them, knowing that they also pubbed other stuff besides erotic romance, but that’s what he’s interested in.  Luckily, I’d brainstormed an idea prior to the meeting and pitched that concept…which the editor requested!  It was tres cool.

I met with my publicity team for lunch, working up ideas for promoing my books now that I’ve got some extra time on my hands, which was fabulous and really got me pumped to not only get my name out there but get a wad of writing done.

Tonight I went to the Berkley and Harlequin parties with my fab crit partner Jennifer Skully.  What a BLAST!  I got to meet a ton of industry professionals and reconnect with a bunch of folks I hadn’t seen since last year.  One thing I can say, after all of this, is that by NOT trying to pitch things, I got two requests for the same book in the space of about 90 minutes, which was the ultimate rush for a writer.  Now, being the pragmatist that I am, we’ll see how it goes *g*.

Tomorrow I’m signing with a bunch of other authors in Frisco, and will pop on afterwards to tell you how it went!