Howdy doody!!  Had yet another exhausting but productive day today.  I went to assorted publisher-sponsored booksignings (and scored a FREE Kelley Armstrong hardback…SCORE!!), and had a signing of my own (along with my publicist sisters PC Cast, Jana Oliver and Nalini Singh) in Frisco, which is about 35 minutes away.  Didn’t sell any books (but didn’t expect to), but handed out about a zillion bookmarks.  The Barnes and Noble decided to keep my books to sell on consignment, and said they’d order more direct from the distributor if they sold well, so fingers crossed!

I’m going to head down to catch the “Setting as Metaphor” class and then get ready to go root for my crit bud Jasmine Haynes (aka Jennifer Skully)…she’s up for a RITA in the Novella category.