I’m happy to announce we made it home accident free, which was a minor miracle considering the storage compartment of my Explorer was floor-to-ceiling with luggage and books!  Slept 11 hours last night, which kinda surprised me because I got plenty of sleep at the Con…I think I was just body tired, y’know?

So now I’m catching up on all of my e-mails and getting my Editorial Director responsibilities for Liquid Silver taken care of, in addition to doing piles of laundry.

I pulled out all of the books I either bought or got a the publisher-sponsored signings, and I only brought home 29 for me!  Considering I came home with almost 60 last year, I consider that to be a HUGE show of restraint on my part *g*.

Tonight I’ll probably rework the end of View before I send it to Skully so she can tell me whether it’s reasonably ready to send to Nocturne (one of my requests at the Con), and get ready to go back to the day job.  While I truly do find my primary source of employment enjoyable, when I come back from a Con I always want to hunker down and write, rather than strap into pantyhose and heels, y’know?

Tomorrow I’ll go back to our regularly scheduled programming, K?