There are many things I love/hate about the week after any conference, but especially RWA Nationals.  And with out further ado, here we go!

1.  I LOVE coming home…as much as I adore hanging out with my writing sisters, sleeping in my own bed (with my hubby *g*) and logging in on my “real” computer, rather than the laptop, is pure joy.

2.  I HATE coming back to work.  Not that the day job is hideous or anything, actually, it’s pretty damned interesting.  But after something like Nationals, I wanna sit down in my PJs with my coffee and cigar and write my ass off.  Hard to do when you’re dragging ass home for said week.

3.  I LOVE the look of my TBR shelf after I unpack…all those loads of great books just waiting for me to dive in!

4.  I LOVE putting my party shoes back on the shelf, knowing that I won’t have to look at them for another year!  (They look great, but hurt like a mo-fo)

5.  I HATE unpacking… As much as I adore putting the party shoes back up, unpacking all that stuff and putting it in its rightful place takes freakin’ forever

6.  I LOVE the feeling of sisterhood I have when I’m at Nationals.  Everyone there “gets” me (which is very scary when you actually think about it), and we’re all in the same boat together (those little voices in our heads), whether we’re published with a gazillion books, or whether we’re hard at work on our first manuscript.

7.  I HATE the drive from Oklahoma City.  Keep in mind that every time I travel, I have to drive 90 minutes just to get to the freakin’ airport!  This time I drove all the way to Dallas with my friends, so it seemed much shorter than it actually was, but the drive down to pick up Rinda and Brooke and then the drive back home after dropping them off was hellaciously looooong.

8.  Did I mention I hate coming back to work? *G*!!  197 e-mail messages.  I shit you not.  Never mind the stuff that piled up at home.  Sigh.

9.  I LOVE the look of “OMG, you brought me my favorite author” when I bring the prezzies I bought into the office.  This year was particularly memorable because one of the ladies had asked for only one thing…a signed Nora book, which I got her.  Her expression was priceless and something I’ll always treasure.

10.  I LOVE sleeping late the Monday after the conference.  I traditionally take it off just to get my shit together and generally veg.  Having hubby kiss me before he heads out the door and then snuggling deeper under the covers for another hour of sleep is pure bliss.

11.  I LOVE playing with the promo items I picked up in the Goody room.  It’s always interesting to see what I grabbed, especially now that I’m being much more selective and not hoovering everything I see *g*.

12.  I LOVE knowing that now I can put faces to names on various e-mail loops.  Because I live so far in the writing hinterlands (I’m the only novelist in town, that I know of), online loops and blogs are the way I keep in touch with the world, be it through craft information or through review sites.

13.  I’m CONFUSED by all the hubbub regarding having readers and bloggers at Nationals.  It’s not like we let our hair down at these things (well, except for at the parties)…we’re there do professional things, and having non-RWAers there doesn’t impact that in the slightest, at least IMO.