When investigative reporter Savannah Trahan disappeared and was presumed dead, police immediately arrested Cain Robichaud, Savannah’s boyfriend and a New Orleans police officer.  Without sufficient evidence to convict him, however, Cain was released—free to retreat to the bayou, with only his aching memories of a ruined career and Savannah.  Now, after eighteen months, Savannah Trahan no longer exists.  There’s only one person who can track down her would-be murderer.  And every time she edges closer to the truth, someone else turns up dead.

Wow, what a great book!  I’ll admit, I figured out the twist to this story fairy early on.  I couldn’t pinpoint why, but it was just there.  But figuring it out didn’t detract from my enjoyment one little bit!  Cain and Renee are tortured characters, with good reason.  This isn’t a story about people angsting for no good reason, but rather two souls who are lost and long to come home.  This story is not only a great romantic suspense, but a wracking emotional journey that rings true with each word.  I highly recommend this one, and will be picking up more of Mills’ backlist.