So I went to plug in my iPod before I started edits this weekend and kersplat…nothing.  The bad boy is DEAD.  So I plug it in for the morning, and still get squat.  Then I surf the ‘net, looking for some way to reset the damned thing, do everything the Apple site tells me, and still get bupkus.  In the timeless words of Bulldog Briscoe (Frazier)…”This stinks, this is total BS!”

I want my toonage back, and seriously.  My plan is to do some no-shit writing throughout the month of August, and I need my songs, man!  So anyone out there have any ideas before I drag my happy ass down to Oklahoma City and foist it upon the Apple Store guys at the mall?

In other news, tonight I’m gonna figure out how to put pics and a progress meter up in the panels this week if it kills me!  Rinda gave me a crash course in how to do it, now I just need to muddle my way through *g*.  Sooo, you may be seeing a new “look”, if I can’t figure out how to pop it up on the current template.  Hopefully it won’t send out all my old posts as “new” tho…