Equal parts Light and Shadow, Joanne Archer must fulfill a destiny she never wanted.  Once a photographer and heiress to a casino fortune, she is now dedicated to the cause of good…but susceptible to the seductions of evil.  A deadly virus is descending on Las Vegas—a terrifying plague unleashed by the powerful overlord of the Zodiac’s dark side:  Joanna’s father.  Chaos and panic grip Sin City as agents of the Light fall prey to the terrifying epidemic.  Death reigns supreme—and Joanna stands at dead center of an epic and terrible war long foretold, the last hope of a damned world.  But first she must somehow conquer the malevolence that grows all around her…and within.

What a fabulous follow-up book!  Pettersson is definitely not suffering from a sophomore slump here!  She’s continued with Joanna’s legacy in a nonstop fashion, keeping the pressure on until the anticipated (but completely surprising) conclusion.  The background of the kids at Master Comics is explained in more detail, and her relationships with both Ben and Hunter are further explored.  As a reader, I don’t know who I want her with more (the old Ranger versus Joe conundrum).  Ben is the man of her heart, but Hunter is not only someone who understands her new evolution, but revels in it.  I recommend that you read the first book in this series (The Scent of Shadows) to really immerse yourself in Pettersson’s world.