I’m baaaack!  After taking a week-ish off, now I’m back and rarin’ to go *g*.  We’re still waiting for word on what the VA appraiser has to say about the house we’re in the process of buying, but starting to get in the moving groove nonetheless.  I’m actually kind of looking forward to the move, because we haven’t gone through our stuff in totality for over ten years, and we need to seriously clean out the garage!  And all the weird little cabinets we have in our current house.  Oh, and don’t forget the lean-to out back that has all my potting stuff in it.

In the midst of this, I buckled down and got View to a Kill finished, baby!  Well, at least as finished as it’s gonna be before I start making the agent rounds.  We’ll see what THEY have to say about my completion or lack thereof.

I also got the NRCA (the reader’s choice contest I hosted for two years) ready to transfer to the next victim…ahem, I mean coordinator. 

It was actually kinda weird, because I finished all that up by about 3pm Saturday, and felt out of sorts.  Guess I’m used to having all those things on my plate simultaneously, rather than concentrating on just one thing, y’know?  So now I’m working on Sea of Dreams (updated with new word count to the right!).  Despite our move, I’m hoping to have the rough done on this by the Columbus Day weekend, so I can start working on the rough for Breath of Heaven, then come back to Sea after I’ve given it some time to percolate.  Like I said, weird, because for the first time in forever, I’m concentrating on my writing solely, not something I’m used to.  We’ll have to see how it affects my productivity *g*.