So here’s the deal…I’m posting my usual Wednesday topic today because I gave the new NRCA coordinator my pin drive (after saving everything to my laptop).  Now, if I’d been a smart girl, I’d’ve saved everything to my hard drive, but what can I say, blonde moment!  Anyway, my spare drive is at the office, so tomorrow I’ll transfer all of my stuff over and you’ll have your book review on Wednesday!

Whew!  That was waaaay too long winded, even for me *g*!

Sooo, along those lines, this weekend we putzed around the house, packed up a bit (I had NO idea how many shot glasses we had until I packed the bar) and cleaned up the yard a bit .  We also spent about an hour at the new house on Friday talking to the current owners and getting info about the house, the neighborhood, that sort of thing.  And I have to tell you, I fell in love with the place all over again, as did August.  We decided to convert the dining room into a classy man room, with a pool table, bar and such, but that’s a bit down the road, after we get some renters into our current abode, and have things settled down financially.  Not that it’s a total strain, mind you, but we ditched the whole, “let’s eat out every day” gig as soon as we made an offer, because we estimated we were spending upwards of $120 each week on our lunch hour.  Now we’re doing the whole PB&J, lunchmeat and egg-salad bit.  Not sure how it’s affected my weight, since I usually ate salads at lunch anyway, but heck, it’s for a greater good, right?

On the writing front, I got 1100 words written this weekend, most of it on Monday.  I’m finally back in the groove with Sea of Dreams after being kind of meh about it.  Not sure why I was, but if I can pack *and* kick out about 500 words a day, I figure I’m golden.  I’ve only got 7,000 more words to write in rough draft before I let it sit for a few weeks and go back and polish, so I figure I’ll have this one well in hand by the end of the month or Veteran’s Day for the final.  I also got the first page done on Live & Let Die, the sequel to View to a Kill (on my drafts I write in single-space TNR, so that’s more than it sounds like *g*), and I’m pretty pleased.  More than anything, I wanted to make sure the heroine’s voice was different than Sara’s in VtaK, since all of the books are in first person.

Other than that, I’m thrilled to say that the NRCA is in the loving hands of the new coordinator, so that’s more time for me…yeah!

So what did y’all do this weekend?