This is actually more about the media in general than movies or music, so bear with me. This time of year I find myself getting crankier and crankier about the glut of holiday commercials I see even before Thanksgiving hits.  For God’s sakes, our digital music stations on the tube are already playing seven (yes, seven) different selections of Christmas music. WTF?  And don’t even get me started on the appalling, guilt-inducing jewelry commercials.  Kay Jewelers springs to mind immediately.  Yeah, I know their jingle by heart because I’ve heard it so often in the past few weeks, and I freakin’ despise them.  If August EVER buys something from Kay, he will suffer serious consequences.  LOL.

Garmin is another.  They started playing their commercials right after Halloween.  Halloween, I shit you not.  I realize we’re a commercial society, really I do, but it never fails to piss me off.  Yeah, I’m a serious consumer at Christmastime, but I’d really like to wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to start my consumerism, thank you very much.

So what makes you crazy at the holidays?