Half wolf, half man, Aragon has abandoned his brethren to repay a dept of honor; he is sworn to kill a rogue Blood Hunter, though exacting revenge will doom him to a ghostly existence trapped between two worlds.  But when a mortal woman unexpectedly calls him to her side, the heat of her soft flesh arouses a hunger in him that threatens to complicate his mission.  Dr. Annette Batista, a dedicated healer, is determined to find her missing sister.  With the amulet found at the site of her sister’s disappearance, she unwittingly summons a shadowy warrior.  She wonders if she can trust this powerful male named Aragon, who claims he can vanquish her sister’s captor-the very monster he’s vowed to destroy.  Or is Annette blinded by her shocking passion for the most alluring, mysterious man she’s ever seen?

A great addition to St Giles’ new paranormal series.  This book takes us even deeper into the politics of the “other” side, showing us how Aragon has eschewed his birthright as a point of honor.  The romance between Aragon and Annette is scorchingly hot.  I liked the fact that Annette was a strong enough heroine to deal with all the complexities of world with quick reflexes and an even quicker mind.  She’s a heroine I can get behind.  And Aragon?  In a word…yummy!  If you like your paranormals hot, fast-paced and full of intrigue, you can’t go wrong with St Giles’ books!