I kicked ass and took names this week!  I finished Sea of Dreams and sent it off to crit partner #1 (Pat) on Sunday, after cranking out 7,000 words over the weekend.  Now she can tell me whether I’ve been smoking crack *g*.

Then, on Monday, I dove into Breath of Heaven, since that world is so fresh in my mind.  I got the first 500 words written, as well as my outline, and looking forward to getting more done over the long weekend.

On that note, happy day-before-Turkey Day, everyone!  In the Schaefer household, it’s just August and I, so we got a smaller bird, and will be dining off of that for some time *g*.  August is going to string the Christmas lights tomorrow as I get the bird and fixings into the oven, and then on Friday, instead of joining the shopping melee, we’ll be decorating the rest of the casa, then heading down to our annual tradition, Enid Lights Up the Plains.  I’ll talk more about that on Saturday, after we go.

So what are y’all’s plans for the holiday?

Edit:  So Pat already sent me her crit (yeah!).  Guess I’ll be working on that this weekend in addition to Breath.  I’m so happy I’m writing again!