Well, as you saw from my conspicuous lack of a post on Tuesday, not much reading going on in the Schaefer household.  It just seems crazed with the holidays and the pending leave I’ve got coming up for the holidays, so by the time I get home, I’m wiped.  I basically cook dinner and plop down for MASH and Cops, then a bit of writing or answering e-mail.  Wow, I’m definitely living la vida loca!!

In happy news, I’m up to 2,160 words on Breath of Heaven.  I didn’t get as much done over the long weekend as I’d planned, simply because I wasn’t feeling so hot on Saturday, and that kinda blended over into Sunday.  That puts me a smidge behind where I’d planned on being, but I also gave myself plenty of cushion time at the end of December.  I’d much rather use that working on either Live and Let Die or Angels of Redemption.  I also got Sea back from crit partner #2 (Skully) and she had some great suggestions I’m going to phase in over the week before I shoot it off to #3 (Leigh).

My critique partners and I set goals this last week, so I thought I’d share mine.  Most of it is dependent on whether I sell View to a Kill to New York…

If I do:  Live and Let Die and Die Another Day, along with a category length erotic book for Black Lace tentatively titled Omega Five

If I don’t:  Angels of Redemption for Samhain, Omega Five, and Paragons of Virtue for Samhain

In non-writing news, we went to Enid Lights up the Plains on Friday night and it was fan-freakin’-tastic!!  It started snowing just as we left the house to run some errands, so by the time we got downtown, it was really coming down.  We’d reserved a table at one of our fave restaurants downtown (Panevino) and enjoyed an awesome glass of Chardonnay and ordered our tapas when the fireworks kicked off.  They were quite simply gorgeous, against the backdrop of falling snow and background Christmas music.  After a truly cool finale, we ventured back inside and enjoyed a leisurely dinner before heading home to our already-decorated house (August did most of it on Thursday while I cooked).  All in all, it was an awesome way to finish up the Thanksgiving holiday, and start the Christmas season.