Hey all!  Well, again, not a lot of reading going on (which pains me greatly), but I’m hoping to have something ready to rock next week.

On the “Terri” end of things, I got my revisions done and on to Leigh for Sea of Dreams, in addition to getting stinking-ass drunk with my buddy Rinda on Friday night over the phone.  LOL.

I also took the plunge and sent out four, count ‘em four, agent queries on Saturday (so see, I wasn’t that hung over at all *g*).  Soooo, I thought I’d snake Rinda’s idea (imitation being the most sincere flattery…unless you’re writing a book, of course), and kinda keep a log here of what’s going on in that territory.

  • Agent #1        Queried in Oct…rejected (nicely) in late Nov
  • Agent #2        Queried in Dec…requested partial sent out on 12/4/07
  • Agent #3        Queried in Dec…requested partial sent out on 12/4/07
  • Agent #4        Queried in Dec…”blind” partial (as per their guidelines) sent…no reply yet
  • Agent #5        Queried in Dec…no reply yet

On the writing front, I was mostly working on revisions this last weekend, so only a smidge more done on Breath of Heaven.  I’m hoping against hope that Leigh takes her own sweet time in critting me *g*, so I can whomp out some words this weekend, in addition to getting some holiday shopping done.

So what are y’all up to?