Well, we’re in the midst of an ice storm here in Oklahoma (tho Kansas seems to be getting hit even worse, from the looks of the radar).  In some ways that’s really bad (obviously), but for me, not so much so.  I got a decent amount of writing done on Monday on Breath of Heaven (1500 words) because we didn’t have to go to work, and I got to sleep in today, because we don’t have to report until 10 am, if they don’t call the whole thing off again before that.  I scraped at least half an inch of ice off my truck on Sunday, and another eighth of an inch on Monday, so this is a no-joke deal. Luckily we still have power, which, in this drafty old house, is a mighty good thing.

While I’m happy that up here in Northern OK we didn’t get hit as hard as some other folks (we got completedly whacked in 2002, versus the rest of the state…power was out for over a week, that sort of thing), reading my chapter-sister’s horrendous accounts down in OKC dampens my enthusiasm of getting paid by Uncle Sam to sit home and write more than a bit.

In happy news, I started getting the Romantic Suspense entries for the National Reader’s Choice Awards in over the last few days, and it looks like some great reading for me in the future *g*.

Since we’ve been on a budget (buying a new house and all), I’ve curtailed my book buying habit.  Until about two months ago (when we made offer on said house and cut a deal on extraneous spending) I hadn’t realized how much of an addiction buying books was for me.  Seriously.  Even though I get a ton of free books when it comes to conferences and such, I hadn’t realized how much I was spending on reading material on a weekly basis.  Think of weekly releases, which I faithfully follow, to Fictionwise, which has no doubt seen a serious dip in profit since I stopped buying.

That doesn’t mean that I’m totally unhinging myself *g* by not buying a thing, but it does mean that my wish list on Amazon takes on a much more important role!!  Hubby had a serious list to contend with for Christmas, and a limited budget, so we’ll see what he pulls out of the hat.

Because I can’t read any of the NRCA books until the final scores come in, I’m sitting here looking at the growing pile of great books and seriously salivating.  Oh God, when did it come to this?  I’m like a damned junkie!

I still have my To Be Read Pile, but since the move, it’s dwindled significantly, and I’m holding onto them like a miser until Christmas, when I know I’ll get a bunch o’ books under the tree.  Most highly rated on my “wish list” is Lord of the Fading Lands (CL Wilson), Caressed by Ice (Nalini Singh), and Die for Me (Karen Rose).  And of course La Nora with Blood Brothers and Linda Howard with Cover of Night.

A junkie, I tell you!!

So what’s on your Christmas list?  Besides an absence of snow and ice?