So while I’m ecstatic that the holidays are here (I LOVE them), I always seem to forget that every year I set my word count goals super high, and then tank them….seriously, it’s pathetic.  I think I’ve logged a whopping 500 words in the last week or so.

Part of it is because I’m taking two glorious weeks off starting Thursday afternoon, so by the time I get home from the day job, my mind is still sorting patient information, strategizing our next quality measure and all sorts of gobbledy gook.  Where does that leave me on a creative scale?  With bupkus.  Hell, with less than bupkus.  I’m 8800 words deep on Breath of Heaven, and I’d LOVE to finish it over the holiday break.  Heck, I actually might, but here comes the writing whammy…my father-in-law is spending 8 of those 14 days with us.

That’s totally awesome, because I love him to death, but I fear my lofty “finish the novella” dreams are gonna fly right out the window in a flurry of doing fun family things.  We’ll see, but I’m a pragmatist, so I’m not holding out for anything stupendous when it comes to whipping out 21,000 words, y’know?

On a happy note, we had our open house/housewarming on Friday, and it was a huge hit.  Unfortunately, we now have more booze in our house than you can shake a stick at.  Do our friends know us, or what *g*.

And in even happier news, despite the preponderance of fudge, cookies, summer sausage and mini-quiches that are being passed around like no one in my clinic is never gonna eat again…my weight has…are you ready for this?  STAYED THE SAME.  Yes, friends and neighbors, even though I haven’t hit the gym in what seems like forever, somehow I’ve maintained the 15 pounds I lost this year.  I think it’s subconscious portion control and the fact I drink a TON of water.  Well, that and the fact we stopped eating lunch out (except for once a week, as a treat).

Starting with the new year, the base has a spin off of The Biggest Loser, but we use teams of four for motivation.  Ours is called Three Amazons and a Pygmy (picture three 6′ tall blondes and a short blonde).  Their goal is to lose 20 pounds in three months.  Me?  Well, I’d be more than pleased to lose 15 pounds over the entire year, and keep it off.  Hell, it took me 17 years to gain this weight, so it’s gonna take more than one workout-laden year to take it off.  If nothing else, I’ve figured that out!!