It seems to me that the world “hero” is being thrown around altogether to lightly these days.  Case in point…the dude who jumped the football field on his motorcycle New Year’s Eve.  Hey, I’ll give the guy props for having cojones of steel, but he’s not a hero, he’s a daredevil.

Too often I hear sportscasters calling football players “heroes”…umm, no.  They recieve a stupendous paycheck for their 3 hours on the field.  Granted, their practice regimens probably make 99.9% of us look like wussies, but they’re being wellllll compensated for it.

To me heroes fall into four categories:  soldiers, cops, firefighters, and those ordinary citizens who go above and beyond. 

Why those?  Because soldiers, cops and firefighters put their lives on the line every single freakin’ day for complete strangers.  You know why?  Because that’s what they were called to do, what burns in their blood.  And ordinary citizens, well, they’re just answering the same call…the call to do the right thing, no matter the cost.

I’d almost lump teachers in that gig, because they ARE shaping our young minds, but the whole “risking their lives” thing comes in for me.  Teachers are awesome, but unless you’re in a school where you have to wear Kevlar…sorry.  Not disrespecting teachers, but they make more moola than your average grunt on the front lines in Iraq or Afghanistan (yes, it’s true, trust me, I see folks returning every day, and I know what they make).

So, despite MY ramblings on what makes a hero…what are YOUR characteristics?