Once he had scorched the world… Once he had loved with such passion, his name was legend.  Now, a thousand years later, a new threat calls him from the Fading Lands, back into the world that had cost him so dearly.  Now an ancient, familiar evil is regaining its strength, and a new voice beckons him-more compelling, more seductive, more maddening than any before.  As the power of his most bitter enemy grows and ancient alliances crumble, the wildness in his blood will not be denied.  The tairen must claim his truemate and embrace the destiny woven for him in the mists of time.Wow…I really mean it.  Wow!  What a fantastic set of books! 

Think Kushiel’s Dart, but not as tiring on the intrigue and politics end.  Oh and there’s a real romance here *g*.

Rain (the hero) and Emmie (the heroine) are just delish.  The characterizations, worldbuilding and court politics are vividly drawn and lush.  I’m addressing both books here because, to be brutally honest, the first book ends leaving you hanging a bit.  That was perfectly okay with me, as a reader, but it did make me want to dive right into the second.  Lady of Light and Shadow picks up right where Lord of the Fading Lands leaves off, and even though it’s the second book, it manages to retain the joy and wonder of the first, while walking you along a fine edge of tension as your journey with Rain and Ellie through the magical and mystical worlds of the Fey and humans.  I cannot recommend this series enough.  But fair warning…if you pick it up, you won’t be putting it down any time soon, so clear your calendar for a good long bit.  Now, as a personal plea…Ms. Wilson…write faster!!