I’m still creeping along with Breath, but considering I really started working on it in early December, this is still one of my fastest novellas to date, and I’m really liking it.  I do have two pages of notes to go back and layer in stuff, so I’m actually closer to the end than my word count indicates (24,100), so this week I’m gonna go back and address those issues to ensure they don’t raise more questions and goof up my ending.

On the agent front, I’ve got five partials out now, after one of my author friends ponied up a recommendation to her super-agent for me.  I also took the plunge and sent out a query to Avon, so we’ll see what happens on that end.

This is my first full week back at the day job, and I’m actually very much enjoying diving back in.  I need to find a happy medium somehow, so this year I’m going to try taking at least one Friday off per month to get in a full day of writing and set myself up for a really productive weekend.  We’ll see how that goes, but if my past history is any indication, I can write 3-5K on an uninterrupted day, and if I get my 1K a day done, then that kind of productivity would ensure I get the Live and Let Die completely done by the May-ish timeframe, and set me up for finishing either Duck and Run or Angels of Retribution.  We’ll have to see which one catches my attention after L&LD!!