Sorry for the disappearance last week…I was in one of those moods where everything I wrote for the blog sounded goofy, so I just decided to bag it for a bit.

In happy news, I finished Breath of Heaven! Yeah for me!  It’s now in Pat’s capable hands for the first round of critiquing.  I think this is the fastest novella I’ve ever written, and I’m actually really pleased with how it turned out…we’ll see what Pat, Leigh and Jennifer have to say, tho!

So now I’m taking a bit of a break before diving in to my next project, and in that time, I have to decide which one to tackle…Live and Let Die, Angels of Retribution or Duck and Run.  I’m leaning toward Duck and Run because I’ve already got 15K done on it.  I’ll be making a decision one way or the other by the first of Feb, so I can get rocking and rolling.

Okay, now onto Harry’s question… I have a question though, okay questions, since I have a novella out myself and want to see how the situation differs with different authors. On what kind of way are your novellas published? I mean do you get them in print or digital and then how do you sell? Do you rely on the publisher to advertise or have to do it by yourself?

Harry — mine are pubbed digitally and sold first through the main site (for 3 months) and then at Fictionwise and Amazon after that.  We’ve found that our buyers off the Liquid Silver site are very loyal, and so it only makes sense to sell it there (and get full royalties for everyone) before sending it to a subsidiary like FW and Amazon, who take a pretty hefty chunk.  As for promo, everything I’ve seen in the “e” world lends to a bit of a partnership.  Your publisher should have a professional website that draws folks in, and send your books to a pre-set list of review houses.  They may, or may not, advertise in other places (like Romantic Times, which is pricey, or on blogs, review sites, etc).  When it comes to advertising myself…in a word, I suck.  I’m not comfortable tooting my own horn, so I tend to do things like interviews and such, in addition to some well placed banner and cover ads (think The Romance Studio, Fallen Angel Reviews, Just Erotic Romances, etc).  After one “big” book, two novellas and a short story under my Keira name, I’ll be honest and say that a TON of promoing depends on reaching out and touching your readers AND creating a buzz about your books.  The secret to doing that, I’m afraid, I haven’t exactly figured out yet *g*.  Hope this answered your questions, at least a bit.