So we started watching this show on BBC America over the Christmas holiday and have been hooked ever since.  For those of you who  might not have seen this show yet, the gist is this… Ramsay is a world renowned Scottish chef who owns multiple restaurants and has written a buttload of cookbooks.  Restaurant owners whose businesses are about ready to go tango uniform call him in to take a look at their kitchens/ dining rooms and agree to have his film crew there while he whips the staff into shape.

Ramsay is acerbic, foul-mouthed and generally abrasive, but I LIKE him.  He’s been there and done, that…everything from waiting tables to running a kitchen, and it’s not as if he’s a food inspector or restaurant critic who just pops in and wreaks hell…he’s invited in.  Most of the restaurants featured are being managed by folks who thought running a restaurant was a great idea, or fun, rather than having a foodie background or even a business plan.  The episodes I find the most fun to watch are where the owners and staff turn everything around, and when he revisits them later, are successful.  And it’s always fun to watch him poach great cooks away from the restaurants that fail.

This is the one “reality” show I can actually get into, and has become a nightly staple for us when we come home at night.