Well, I haven’t done squat when it comes to writing new stuff…I worked on Skully’s revisions over the weekend for Breath of Heaven (after sleeping for almost 14 hours on Saturday night), and now I’m noodling with which book to start.  I think I’m going to start playing with Live and Let Die and see where it takes me.  I’ve already got the synopsis done, and the first few pages fleshed out, so cross fingers for me.  If nothing else, I’ll kick butt and take names this weekend, since I’m feeling tons better.

On the agent front, I collected another rejection, but it was a good, personalized one, so I’m not totally dejected, even though this is kind of becoming old hat.  I guess it’s a good thing I’ve been at this writing gig for a good long while, because my skin has become ultra thick…LOL.  I know I write “different” stuff…I just need to find an agent who loves it as much as I do *g*!  I know that they’re out there, it’s just finding the connection, y’know?  I think part of it is that I was perfectly happy in writing “e” for a long time, and I developed great discipline from it…now I want to take the next step as Terri (with my mainstream stuff) while I continue writing for the “e” market as Keira.