Sorry about the absence yesterday.  WordPress wasn’t letting me in at 6 am, and I had to head to the dreaded day job shortly thereafter.  This morning however, is a whole ‘nother story!!

In rockin’ great news I’m jamming on Duck and Run…in the last week I wrote 4.5K and got past the part that was stalling me by putting in an action/danger scene as well as a torrid kiss that really moves the plot forward.  My goal is to pump out at least 1K per day (getting back to my original daily goal), if not more, so I can get the first draft finished and into critiques pronto.

In the agent hunt, I’m still on the search…I’ve got it out to five agents now, and am pitching to an agent and editor in March at my local chapter’s mini-conference.  I figured I’d pitch View to the agent and Duck and Run to the editor.  Even if that doesn’t pan out, I want to have both ready to rock for the conference in San Francisco in July.