1. Tuesday it was 61 degrees…
  2. It was 31 degrees when we left the base at 1630 yesterday.
  3. We’re supposed to get MORE ice today, tonight and tomorrow.  Then it’s supposed to be 60 again.  I shit you not.
  4. The trees have started to bud outside, and the bulbs in the front yard  have started to bloom
  5. My gas bill last month was half as much as my mortgage!
  6. I’m actually getting tired of wearing boots!  That means winter has definitely gone on too long
  7. I wanna sit on my front porch and watch the world go by without my nose hairs freezing
  8. Scraping ice off the windshield is no longer a novelty, nor is waiting five minutes for my truck to warm up
  9. My spring/summer dresses are mocking me from my closet
  10. I’m having an insane compulsion to listen to Zydeco (my summertime obsession)
  11. I want to buy new clothes to celebrate my weight loss
  12. And on the heels of that…sandals, I want sandals!
  13. Enough already, Old Man Winter, make up your mind if it’s spring or not!!