So I’ve been steadily working on Duck and Run, my latest WiP while my last critique partner shreds Breath of Heaven.  Unfortunately, “steadily” means I’m producing word count, but not as much as I’d like. 

In my perfect world, I’d write 1,000 words a day, take a two-week break when I’m done, and then dive into the next book.  And except for the whole 1K/day gig, I’ve been doing fine.

With Duck and Run, I’m producing about 500 words a day…half of what I’d like.  But lately, by the time I get home from the day job, that’s about all I can muster up.  Then I feel bad because I know I can do better…but will the book be as good because I’m pushing past my creativity wall?  Seriously, my brain is mushier than usual after spending the day looking at incident reports and performing data quantification.  (And I always thought I sucked at math *g*)

Sooo, after thinking long and hard about it, I’m revising my “during the week” goals to 500 words/day.  In my perfect world, I’d write 6K a week, so that means if I’m to maintain THAT goal, I’d need to write 3500 words over the weekend.  That’s certainly doable since I’ve been known to write 5K in one day when football is on, so I’ll have to see if that kind of mindset works any better.