I only got 2,000 words written this week, but I was down with the crap going around.  Feeling much better now, though, and got all of those 2K written over the weekend.  I also did a bit of plotting (which is a total anathema for me), which will help me wrap up the last 20K pretty quickly.  Right now, though, I’m a bit torn.  While this is a suspense novel (category length), I’m finding a bit of my Keira spiciness dying to come through.  So I have to wonder if maybe I shouldn’t go back and give in to that urge, an make it a Blaze contender, rather than a Harlequin Intrigue.  I’ve gotta figure that out soon, because I’m at the point where it would make a difference.  By that, I mean I could go back and heat things up pretty easily with the existing material, but from this point on, if I make it a Blaze, the sex needs to be ramped up pretty significantly.  I’ll see where the writing takes me this week, and figure it out from there.

On the agent front, still searching, with five queries outstanding.  As I’ve said before, I have serious faith in my story…I think it’s one of the best books I’ve written, and the series has tremendous potential.  But it’s probably a chancy bet for an agent.  My heroine is very vulnerable, which she hides behind a smart mouth.  She’s flawed and a lot like the people I run into every day…with the exception of the fact she sees a different dimension.  And the kicker…it’s told in first-person, which can be a turn-off to some folks, since you never gets into the hero’s head.  I think I did a good job of showing the hero, but time will only tell.  There’s an agent out there for this book and my subsequent work, I just have to be patient and find them!