I actually did pretty good this week…I worked on View a bit, and will continue to do so over the next two weeks, just to make sure I’m putting the best possible revision out there.  On my fireman novella, I actually had to scratch at least 1500 words because the direction I was taking just wasn’t working.  See, it was like this…I had my hero and heroine as complete strangers, and you know what?  It totally didn’t work.  So I scrapped the beginning and made them past lovers with a big honking secret between them.  Much better, at least I think so.


I’ve updated the progress meter, and my goal for the next week is to pump out 5K…I’d really like to do that, because in all likelihood I’ll also be the editor for this series (obviously not mine), and I want to get some writing done before I dive into a year-long commitment.


Actually, I seem to do my best writing when I’m torn in about six different directions, so editing plus running the National Reader’s Choice Awards may turn out to be a good thing!