Okay, it’s not really an ode…maybe more of an homage.  I love football season.  Not because I particularly care for the sport, mind you…well except for the vision of all those buff guys in Spandex.  Anyway, I digress.  The reason I love football season is that it’s my prime writing time.  Not to say that the hubster infringes on it, necessarily, but I just feel a lot more freedom writing when his ass is plastered to his “man chair” and he’s totally attuned to the tube.  Then I feel free to plug in my iPod, crank the tunes and let the words flow.  On a normal week I can usually pump out at least 10K, which makes my productivity pretty damned impressive over the sixteen to twenty weeks that span the college and pro seasons.  So basically, my plan is to finish my current novella, Into the Fire, finish Live and Let Die, and maybe start playing on something else.


This week I only got about 4K done between Into the Fire and Live and Let Die, but I did have a plotting breakthrough on both, probably in anticipation of many moons of long days of writing.


So what about y’all?  What are your productive seasons?  Doesn’t have to be about writing, it can be anything you’re passionate about!