Kicked major bootie this weekend on the word count…got 4K written over Saturday and Sunday, and finished up with an additional 2K on Monday.  Since it was a holiday, I’m counting it as part of the weekend, dammit *g*.


This one book has been a bit different for me because I’m writing at a higher level of sensuality, what Liquid Silver alls “Molten”…  This is definitely pushing my heat level index *g*!! In order to make the h/h’s relationship plausible, I had to make them old lovers, otherwise the progression was just too fast for me, as a writer.  Which of course meant I had to scrap the beginning at least three times while I figured it out. Sigh.  While it’s certainly been an experience so far, I guess my critique partners will be the ones to tell me if I’m totally gonzo for even trying this!