I Am Legend (2007)  I had mixed feelings on this flick.  I was VERY impressed by the fact Will Smith totally carried the move through to the end, pretty much by himself.  I’ve been a Will Smith fan for a long, long time (since Six Degrees of Separation, and yes, even the Fresh Prince).  I loved the fact the cure for cancer turned out to be something that killed off a majority of the population (great hook, and well presented). I even liked how the whole build-up and past happenings were revealed.  But some of the clichéd, tried-and-true tear makers were wasted on me because they were…well…cliché.


Spoiler alert:  If you don’t wanna know stuff about this movie, then stop reading.


Okay, what didn’t work for me…for starters, Sam.  Yeah, I loved the dog as much as Robert Neville did, and the bit about her being female really struck home once it’s revealed he’s lost every female important to him.  So you KNOW how it’s gonna end up for the dog.  Which is typical sob-inducing movie fare.  And because I knew what was gonna happen, it just didn’t have the impact it might have.  I don’t know how they could have done it differently.  Hell, I’m not so sure they should have done it.  Her sacrifice would have been much better spent in the final fight, IMO.  Or, with the alternate ending below, maybe not at all…


I also didn’t care for the whole introduction of Anna and Ethan, because it seemed too convenient, almost like a dream sequence where I was waiting for him to wake up.  It was just weird for me to see a replacement for his family show up so suddenly, when he was trying to off himself.  I know the concept was to be heavenly, or Godly, but it never hit that tone for me.


Lastly, the ending just plain sucked.  Not so much the fact Neville died…I could buy that, even if it broke my heart because he was being a total military dude in giving service before self.  No, the part that pissed me off was that the obvious intelligence of the bad vampire was completely ignored.  I mean, this baddie totally set Neville up in the sequence where Sam was bitten, so he was obviously not as animal-based as the rest of the vamps…he had an innate intelligence that hadn’t been broken down as much as everyone else.  To just throw total bloodlust in there didn’t work for me.


However, the alternate ending DID work for me, as a viewer.  Maybe because I like to see a happier ending, but because the Alpha Male (big bad baddie) was recognized as having sentience, and the female that Neville was experimenting on was given an identity as his mate.  It just closed out the movie so much more satisfactorily.  Check it out…



All in all, it’s a pretty good flick…if you go with the alternate ending (even with the instant family thrown in), at least to me.