Okay, this post is all over the board, and I apologize, but I’m jazzed and have a bit of laundry to air, so bear with me.

I know I don’t delve into politics at all on this blog, but as my Wednesday post, I’m going to.  I voted Democrat this election (I say “this” because that isn’t always the way I vote, being a military wife a DoD employee) and I’m more than proud to say it.  Why?

Because I believe in the concept of change. In my heart of hearts, I want to believe and buy into everything  Barak Obama said in his acceptance speech just a few minutes ago (which I thought was freakin’ awesome, by the way).  While I believe President-Elect Obama is inheriting a shitload of baggage, I can HOPE for change.  I can hope that a young, vibrant personality will sweep Washington DC as strongly as he has the nation in the last year.  I had that hope with the Clinton administration, but alas, it never really came to fruition.

Having said that, on 9/11, I was happy to have George W in office, because his initial actions in Afghanistan were decisive and, to my mind, appropriate.  What happened afterwards in Iraq was, perhaps the correct moral choice (can ANYONE say they wanted to see Saddam in power????), but the planning was for shit.  If you have any doubt about that, there’s a great documentary out there…No End in Sight, which was truly telling.

While I’m overjoyed to see “my” choice for President win, one thing about the whole thing that pisses me off–and I’ll guarantee a large portion of Americans–is the whole concept of the electoral vote.  It’s outdated, and needs to be something that’s addressed before the next election.  I understand that the concept of it worked back in the day when only rich white men could read and write, but damn, that time is long past.

Completely ditch the Electoral College and go with the popular vote.  If we’re the voice of the people, then dammit, I want my vote to “count”, whether I live in a Red state or not. I can wait until 5 November to find out what the popular vote was, since I understand the logistics  of counting such a massive undertaking requires time and care…

Okay, end of mini-rant and celebration.  I will say that I liked Senator McCain’s concession speech; it was impressive, if a bit long.  But dammit, the man is a freakin’ war hero, regardless of your politics, and he deserves respect and accolades, regardless of the results of the election.