So I’m taking a smidge of a break from writing over the next month or so, since I finished Into the Fire…and it was accepted gleefully *g*.  Now to see what the crit partners want me to change to make it even better!

Basically my goal is to work through a bunch of editing jobs between now and the holiday break, so when my fourteen glorious days come around, I’m dedicated to pure writing time!  I’m quite sure the writing urge will hit me in spurts, so I’ll go with those, because they’re usually bouts of pure creativity I totally get lost in, where I write for the pure joy of writing, rather than working on a story with an end goal in mind. 

So you’ll probably see some totally schitzophrenic word count updates, as I veer from playing with Duck and Run to Live and Let Die, or even something else if it catches my fancy…had an awesome idea (I think) for a novella come about last week as I was finishing up ItF, so I may work on that a bit and see if it pans out.

That’s it for me…what’s going on with y’all?