Yeah, that many.  I apologize if it’s all over the board, but this is my life.  Sigh.  Here we go!

1.  Buy turkey and all the fixin’s (on the slate for this weekend)

2.  Make sure there’s NO Airman on our base who’s going to sit in the dorms, or their own apartment on Thanksgiving.  That’s a totally unforgivable lapse for any service member, retired or otherwise, whether they belong to your shop or not.  Jeesh…think I’m passionate about this one?

3.  Start finding and washing the “good” dishes (K-Mart “china” is just dandy for me, tho I ogle the fancy stuff every time I go into Dillards…just can’t equate cost with usage)

4.  Take cat to vet…yeah, I know, totally unrelated, but he’s due for a shave…this dude is FURRY!

5 & 6.  Finish edits on the two stories I’ve been working on

7.  Yucky day job stuff, like reconciling the referral management database (arrrrgh!) and sending out peer reviews to the docs

8.  Eyeball any pies that look good to the hubster and me…a baker I am NOT!

9.  Finish the fabulous (so far) book, Shadow Man, in a tub filled with bubbles…hopefully tonight!

10.  Catch up with some old friends I haven’t talked to in a bit (hint, hint…RINDA!)

11.  START my online Christmas shopping.  Yeah, I know a gazillion people are already done (at least those that could in this shitty economy), but I like to go season-by-season.  There’s something that’s innately “good” to me about shopping as the actual date approaches. Not sure why, but I’m just happier shopping that way, and as I creep past forty, I’ve found that happiness is sometimes more important than camping on a storefront’s doorstep to save $5.

12.  Take my truck in for a check-up before the first snowfall hits.  Yeah, this costs moola, but I’d rather be sure than calling AAA in three inches of snow!

13.  Talk to Mom…it’s been two weeks, and I’m missing her!