Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007)… I was really looking forward to catching this movie because I’d heart great things about it.  Alas “great” doesn’t describe this flick, at least for me.  “Meh” is more the watchword.  I enjoyed the “behind the scenes” politicking portrayed, and even the characters, but in the end, none of it tied together for me.  It was like watching several separate vignettes that sorta tied together, but nothing about this movie ever pulled me in enough to connect with the characters.


I would have been interested in seeing more of the mythos around Sitting Bull explained, to include an appearance by Buffalo Bill Cody, but the relationship between these two men, and the fact the Indian agents could have used Cody as a buffer to quite possibly avoid the Wounded Knee massacre was distressingly glossed over.


All in all, I can’t say this is a bad film, just one that disappointed.