So I saw this commercial on TV during my Christmas break, and while my thoughts aren’t quite as vitrolic as Cam’s, I have to totally agree with him, even as I giggle with unrestrained glee at his rant (and damn, every other rant he does…I think I have to contact this guy).  For the whole commercial (which is stupidly long) check it out here.

The thing Cam doesn’t touch, which stuck me THE VERY FIRST TIME I saw it was…how much does this look like a total cult??  Maybe it strikes me because I did so much research into cults for The Brotherhood, lo those many years ago, but DAMN.

Perhaps the worst thing is…the Snuggie IS a bathrobe turned backwards, but in my “consumerist” mind, it actually struck me as a good idea until I saw Cam’s rant, and  realized he was totally right.  My $19.95 could be spent SO much more wisely in charity…or damn, in almost anything.

Your thoughts?