So obviously I took a bit of a break from blogging in December.  Part of it was the holidays, and part of it was the fact I was in the midst of an editing blitz that took up a wad of my time.  Happily, I used my time off last week to power through those jobs, and now I’m ready to spend this week working on “me” stuff.  Heck, I even got my revisions done on Into the Fire last night and fired them off to my crit partners, so today I’m going to dive into revisions on the first chapter of View to a Kill, since everyone who reads it loves the book after chapter two, but I’ve obviously done something wrong with the intro.  Sigh…  I’ve got some good suggestions from friends and beta readers, so now I’m off and running!

I’ll check in with a book review tomorrow, and then back to our regularly scheduled programming after that!