To start with, Happy New Year’s Eve, all!!!  Not much going on at Casa Schaefer tonight…we usually just kind of hang out and chill on New Year’s Eve…yeah, I know we’re boring, but we’ve always been that way *g*.


For today’s post, I thought I’d set down my writing goals for the year, amongst other things. 


On the writing front, I’m going to finish Duck and Run (currently sitting at 32K) by the end of February, then work on Live and Let Die.  Looking at my writing projections, if I stick to target, I should have L&LD finished by the end of August, tho I’d love to finish it sooner than that.  After that, I’ll dive into another erotic romance novella for a break *g*, and then start on Die Another Day to round out the year.  Obviously when I pick up an agent (I’ll be starting the hunt again after the first of the year), then everything will change, but that’s the plan, at least for now.


When it comes to releases, I’ve got Into the Fire coming out in July, and if I get an idea for another ER novella that’s teasing my brain, I’ll probably work on it, because I adore the concept of having at least two releases per year while I’m working on my longer stuff.


I’ll also be working on revisions to Summerland and Brotherhood for re-release with Liquid Silver as Sterling titles, though that would mean the print option goes away for the foreseeable future, which kinda bums me out, so I’m waffling a bit on that one.  I guess I’ll see how Sterling sales pan out before I make that decision.


I’m also going to get back into exercising in a big way, even if it’s just to make sure I walk several times a week.  I took a looooong break last year (think at least ten months), and I’m actually looking forward to working up a sweat again.  I think I just went through a bit of a funk on that end (heck, a bit of a funk on all ends *g*), but getting my writing mojo back seems to have jumpstarted the rest, I’m happy to report.


So what do you want to do with the New Year?  I’m not talking resolutions, per se, but rather the things you’d like to see yourself doing…