No movie or music review this week, because we’ve been watching football, football and more football.  And when we’re not watching that, I’ve been working *g*.


Worked my way through two sets of revisions, an editing job and logged some new words on Duck & Run and Live & Let Die.  So I’m very happy about that.


Now I’m off to the dreaded day job after two blessed weeks off.  I’ve decided I could quite easily be a stay-at-home writer as long as I volunteered or had a part-time job.  Alas, Uncle Sam pays me waaaaay too well to ditch it all *g*.


We’ll be back in the movie swing once the bowl games and playoffs dwindle, so do y’all have any recommendations for me?  We’ve got Burn After Reading, There Will Be Blood and The Good Shepherd sitting next to the DVD player right now…