Burn After Reading (2008)  This flick was exactly what I expect from the Coen brothers…funny, quirky, freakish violence and outstanding performances from a wide variety of excellent actors.  John Malkovich’s character was my favorite, tho JK Simmons gets serious props for playing a CIA superior with gleeful cluelessness.  The closing scenes made the hubster and I laugh long and loud in an embarrassed kind of way.  Clooney was fabulous as a sketched-out womanizing Treasury officer, Pitt shone as a soft-headed goof, and McDormand played her body-obsessed character to perfection.  But Malkovich was, at least for me, the star of this bad boy.


If you’re expecting another No Country for Old Men, you won’t get it here…IMO that was a non-typical movie for the Coens.  Instead, think Fargo, but set in DC, and you’ve got a better comparison.  If you enjoy unconventional movies or have enjoyed a Coen brothers movie in the past, I think this one is definitely up your alley!