The Good Shepherd (2006)  I’m a huge Matt Damon fan, have been since his eye-catching performance in Courage Under Fire waaaay back in 1996.  In fact, going back to look at his IMDB, I’ve seen a majority of his movies, or have them in my queue at Netflix.  And the whole Sarah Silverman video made me giggle hysterically.


Sooo, when the hubster wanted to watch this one, it’s not like I went kicking and screaming *g*.  The Good Shepherd is, at the root of it, a movie about choices.  Yes, it’s also about espionage and the formation of the CIA, but beneath runs the common theme of choices.  I really enjoyed this movie, even though it was a bit long.  Damon’s performance is austere, because that’s exactly who his character is, and he totally made it work.  While I’m not an Angelina Jolie fan (except in The Bone Collector), she did a fine job in this movie as a woman living in the shadow of her husband’s career.  The supporting actors in this were superb, from an almost unrecognizable Timothy Hutton as Admiral Wilson, to Robert DeNiro as the true father of the CIA, to Joe Pesci in a small, but well-done bit.  There are no special effects in this film, nothing that goes “boom”, so fans of war flicks like that won’t feel a connection to this one.


The movie is an amalgam of the past in that “real” characters have been combined for cinema’s sake, as have some events (i.e., the reason the Bay of Pigs failed), but as the ending credits roll, it’s definitely worth your time to see a well-made, thoughtful movie.