Since I last checked in, I’ve written about 1,000 words, which is totally disappointing. So what in the heck have I been doing with myself?  First, the week back at work after the holidays was pure, unrequited hell *g*, in addition to being damned cold, so by the time I got home, I was not only shivering, but my brain was full.  Then hubster decided to quit smoking last Monday, so I’ve been heaping lots of love and support on him.  Looks like he got over the worst of it Friday, so now it’s my turn as soon as my current stash of cigarillos runs out.


I also turned in another two editing jobs, as well as crits for one of my partners.  Now I have no earthly reason not to write…hubby is through shaking and muttering *g*, and any editing jobs I have I’ll do during the week.


Soooo, with any kind of luck, I’ll be reporting that I’ve racked up a few new words!