There Will Be Blood (2007)  I was all jazzed about watching this movie, because I’d seen so many accolades about it.  When we saw the length (2½ hrs), we had to make sure it was on a night when we could actually get through the whole thing before the hubster crashed.  Guess we didn’t have to worry about that, because we only watched an hour and forty-five minutes worth…I looked over at the recliner at about an hour and a half and hubby was asleep, so I decided then and there to pop open the laptop and see what all the hoopla had really been about.  I suffered through fifteen more minutes before turning it off and crying uncle.

This was one long, boring flick.  The acting would have been fine, if the pacing hadn’t been so awfully awry.  Seriously.  The storyline itself should have been compelling, really it should have.  But ultimately it just wasn’t.  In the 105 minutes I slogged through, I saw how it could have been cut down by at least 45 minutes and not lose a damn nuance.  At the end of the day, I really wish I could have liked this flick, but in the end, it was really quite painful to watch.