Not a whole lot of writing going on with me right now, tho I’ve hit almost two weeks being smoke free!  So while I may not have been doing a bunch of writing, we have been doing the home improvement thing.  Our master bedroom is now finished, with the exception of some truly wonderful pictures we’re going to be picking up one pay period at a time.  Next is landscaping, when it warms up a smidge.


Right now, tho, I’m struggling with the crud that’s been going around the clinic, so have been home for the last day and a half, which is a total anomaly for me.  Next week is our big base inspection, so I figured if I was gonna get sick, then yesterday and today were the best possible alternatives.


In happy news, I HAVE been toying with an idea I’d like to work on a bit over the next few weeks.  I’d love to have a few chapters written prior to my crit partners/soul sister’s arrival in late March.  Right now I’m noodling with the concept a bit more, then I’ll attack and see what happens.  So why the “new” idea, you may ask…  Well, because I decided to start something completely new and different, and at least get the partial, if nothing else, done prior to RWA Nationals in July.  It just seems like I’ve put so much energy into trying to sell View that I’m starting to despise it a little, and that’s no way to be.  I’m going to give myself some time and space, so I can love it again, and be its strongest advocate, if that makes any sense at all.


Sooo, I’ve begun work on a new romantic suspense book, and will also tinker with an idea for a novella for Liquid Silver or Samhain as I go. 


Anyway, as you can tell, I went with the “doing 120 things” option rather than “curling up into a fetal ball”, which is always a good thing!