So I’ve obviously been hiding out a bit the last few weeks.  Mostly it was because I haven’t been spending a bunch of time on the laptop or main computer because I equate both with smoking.  Hit three weeks last Thursday, and I’m no longer shaking and rocking back and forth *G*, so I’m over the hump!


We’ve been doing a ton of home improvement, to include completely repainting and redecorating our master bedroom.  It looks great, and definitely has that “we’ve put a ton of love into this” feeling. 


Last week the Inspector General was at work, so everyone on base were jumping around like cats in a roomful of rockers…LOL!


Anyway, that’s about it for right now, I’ll have a book review tomorrow and slowly get back into the blogosphere, to include my new Friday post regarding goals (not just writing goals).  More on that then!


Hope y’all have a faboooo week!