Greetings, salutations and happy 2010!  Here at Casa Schaefer we’ve been chilling for the most part, watching football and such.  I also WROTE yesterday…700 words worth, which I fully intend to continue (and hopefully match) tonight.

It felt fabulous to finally put fingers to keyboard again, and I’m excited about the story I’m noodling with.  It’s something totally new, so I get to have fun with research as well *g*.

I figured since I hadn’t written squat on my existing stuff, and wasn’t overly inspired to, getting my creative juices re-started seemed to be the most imperative.  Plus, I’d been noodling with this idea since the summer, picking at research and such, so it seemed like the most productive plan. 

I’ll be posting a writing update at least once a week, as well as lifestyle stuff.  More on that later in the week…

Hope everyone had a great New Year (with no need for bail)!