With Invisible Touch I’m trying something new…actually finishing the book without going back to tweak everything in creation. Since I’m a pantser, I rarely consciously know where a book is going. I know the majority of the elements I want to introduce, and who my main and secondary characters are, but usually that’s about it. Consequently, I usually find myself going back over what I’ve written at least two dozen times in the initial draft, just to make sure the flow is working, and that I’m putting in necessary elements as I discover them down the road in my process. And of course, to remember what the heck I wrote, since I don’t plot anything *G*

As I’m writing this book now, though, I’m finding that I KNOW I’m writing a skeleton draft, and that I’ll be going back to put in wads of stuff.  This is a first for me.  For example.  Right now I’m at 21K of an 80K(ish) book.  However, in actual “story”, I’m probably at 30 or even 35K because of all the layering, flavor and texture I need to weave in.  I can easily see myself writing “the end” at 50 or 55K and then fleshing it out, which is a total experiment for me.

I just hope like hell it works out, because I love the CASI world, and Arin and Jonah are too fun to write about.  Oh, and adding Monica’s angst and Farrell’s almost-disintegration is actually turning out to be more fun than I’d expected *G*.

And hey, if you read Behind Blue Eyes (out 3 August from Samhain…yeah, blatant plug), then you’ll actually have a clue as to what the heck I just said!  LOL!