Thought I’d reprise my old Movie/Music Monday to talk a bit about our latest obsession…Dexter.

August and I started watching this about a month ago, and got totally hooked.  I’d actually previewed the first episode on my laptop when I was in Tennessee last year, but it took me waaaay too long to bring the hubster into the fold.

We now watch three or four nights a week as we’re eating dinner.  Weird dinner viewing?  Maybe, but we’re kinda freakish that way…our library consisted of true crime books and horror novels long before I ever started writing *G*.

Anyway, we’re totally hooked.  We’d probably watch an entire DVD if we let ourselves, but instead we’re exercising control and just watching one per night.

We both love Dexter himself, and are a little twitchy about Deb.  I think it’s her outright desperation…it’s almost uncomfortable to watch, but we’ve all known someone like her, I suppose.  The fact that in real life, she’s actually Michael C. Hall’s wife is just a little too weird *G*, but that’s kinda the watchword for this show, isn’t it?

My other fav character is Doakes.  There’s something going on there, maybe something with the CIA…I dunno (and don’t tell me!  LOL) but I can’t wait to figure it out.  My biggest fear now is that we’ll power through the episodes so fast we’ll “catch up” to the new stuff being released, and since we don’t subscribe to Showtime, will then be left dangling.

So what other great shows should we watch after we finish this one?