On Thursday I was completely blank when it came to new words, so instead I sat down and put together my soundtrack.  I’m at 35,000 words on this particular book, so the characters are really gelling in my mind and on paper by now, and have developed most of their quirks, so it’s time to redefine the playlist.

Took Friday and Saturday off completely, tho I felt like an utter veg for doing so.

Today I dedicated myself to writing in between running errands and kitchen duty, and logged over 4100 words, which I thought was pretty darned good, especially since I started the day out writing the initial sex scene between my characters.  For some reason it was like pulling teeth (which is probably why I stalled on Friday and Saturday), but I got through the initial draft and actually learned something about my characters by the time I was done, so that’s always fun.

Consequently, I’m still a bit behind as  a whole, but planning to make it up by hitting at least 1800 words a day from now on, and hunkering down over our upcoming 4-day weekend!