For the last little bit–okay, big bit–I’ve been absent for one ginormous reason…been working two day jobs.  Yeah, in today’s climate, that’s a pretty obnoxious thing to complain about, but it’s not like I’ve been paid for both (sigh), and my brain is waaaaay tired.  Anyway, yesterday was my last day of wearing two hats (kinda).  I’ll be doing the main day job now, with dollops of the old one, but only dollops *G*, instead of a 80/80 spread  (yeah, I know the math doesn’t add up…do you own figuring as to why I haven’t been writing).

Anyway, over the next few weeks I hope to dive back into both writing and blogging…found some superfantastic music to talk about, as well as my ongoing search for something to watch on NetFlix, so I’ll be back at least twice a week starting next week!